Physics Alive

Teaching Expertise with Carl Wieman

September 21, 2021

Today I’m speaking with Carl Wieman, 2001 Nobel Laureate, Professor of Physics and Professor of the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University, and recipient of the 2020 Yidan Prize, the world’s largest prize in education. He answers the question: How do people learn to make better decisions? “They practice them, and they get feedback on that practice, and they practice some more. If you practice something very intently, your brain changes the connections to be better at doing it.” We discuss what he has uncovered in his scientific study of teaching and learning.


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Toward the end of the episode, Carl mentions a series of three papers. Each paper discusses courses that are all taught with same set of principles. Those principles are:

Practicing the thinking you want students to do, monitoring that, do timely feedback, and then letting them go back to practicing.



What are some resources for new teachers or a teacher wanting to do something new?



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